All acne treatments are designed to get rid of acne. Though there are a lot of acne treatment scams that has flooded the internet lately, you should not lose hope on all of the over the counter acne product. There are still some that can help you get rid of acne.

To choose your acne treatments, you need to consider this criteria:

  1. The product should be produced by a reputable company. Large companies have a reputation to maintain. These companies will probably have other products that do not deal with acne. Their name is very important to them and it is unlikely that they will put out an acne treatment that is not clinically proven to help you get clear skin.
  2. Look for treatments that will suit your skin type. Manufacturers are aware that each individual has a different acne need depending on their skin type. This is the primary reason why they usually label their products according to the skin that the treatment will best work on. If these labels are not available, I’m sure that the manufacturer will provide you with some kind of test or direct you to a process where you can determine which products will best suit your skin.
  3. Find the best guarantee. Acne treatments should have a money back guarantee just in case you made the wrong decision. Those products that have the best guarantee will make you feel better with the sale because you get an assurance that in case the treatment won’t work for you, you can simply return it and get a refund.

Even the best acne treatments, if not used properly, may not offer the results that you want or may make your acne worse. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your treatment.

  1. Listen to your skin. Know your needs. If your skin feels dry and irritated after using a treatment, try to reduce the dose.
  2. Do not use the treatment more than what is recommended. You can use less but you should not use more. Using more will not make your acne go away faster. As a matter of fact, this can worsen your skin condition.
  3. Follow your routine religiously. You need to apply it regularly to get the best results. If you don’t. you may need to wait longer to see results or it can make your acne worse.